Popmatters Review

"Musically, the album finds Caudle directing things slightly away from the traditional country sounds he's favored in the past. In its' place are more multi-faceted sounds that span a variety of styles and arrangements. The unfussy melodies are still a bit twangy but come across a bit softer around the edges and more soulful than some of his previous recordings have allowed. The musicianship is all first rate and befitting of the all-star cast he's assembled. Joshua Hedley's fiddle, Megan McCormick's electric guitar, and Brett Resnick's pedal steel don't overtake the songs, but rather subtly glide them to sweepingly inventive heights. There are also lush touches of cello and jazzy keyboard chords flowing in and out of the album tracks, adding even more of a rich sonic palette to the album tracks.

Lauren Caudle